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What is Forensic Cleaning?

Forensic cleaning is required after a violent or traumatic event. Such events leave behind various biological matter and strong odours that can be detrimental to the health of the occupants. Our technicians have the tools and training to eradicate these risks so the home is safe for habitation once again.

Crime Scene & Health Risks

We often tend to forget that a crime scene may potentially contain dangerous biohazards such as tissue or bodily fluids. When a traumatic event occurs within a building or a vehicle, the surfaces and the contents affected by blood or any other fluids become contaminated with toxic agents.

Diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis can be transmitted through bodily fluids. They are spread into the environment when a person dies or a body decomposes.

Cleaning Process

It is crucial that a professional carries out the trauma scene clean-up in order to decontaminate the areas. The forensic experts require special equipment such as protective gears and must follow the health and safety procedures.

The cleaning process needs to be very detailed and involves the use of special chemicals to decontaminate, disinfect and sanitise the site successfully.

Forensic cleaning also includes the removal of odours and fingerprint dust.

Who is responsible for the crime scene clean-up?

The property or vehicle owner is usually responsible for forensic cleaning. Very often, the homeowner insurance covers the cost of the crime scene clean-up. If you are unsure whether you are responsible or not, please contact the Legal Aid Queensland for free legal advice.

Why should you choose Juvenaire?

We provide a unique forensic clean-up and our highly qualified technicians are equipped with appropriate equipment as well as safe and environmentally friendly chemicals.

From removing carpet to cleaning and sanitising surfaces including furniture, Juvenaire has all the capabilities to carry out a meticulous cleaning to ensure that no mark of the incident is remaining.

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