Auto Decon – Asbestos Removal

Vehicles that are affected or contaminated with asbestos often require a lot of time and expertise to clean thoroughly. There is no safe level of exposure to Asbestos and at Juvenaire, we ensure that every project is completed according to stringent government guidelines. Asbestos being fibrous in nature is usually not observable by the naked eye. It is extremely harmful to humans as it may cause major lung illnesses and even cancer. Due to the nature of this dangerous contaminant, we ensure that stringent Workplace Health and Safety processes are all in accordance with Asbestos regulations to protect our technicians and the vehicle occupant.

All vehicles contaminated with asbestos will be removed from site in accordance with Asbestos regulations. Then the basic process will follow:
1. Containment of the vehicle to prevent further spreading of the asbestos fibres into the environment
2. Decontamination and removal of car parts
3. Testing the vehicle for traces of asbestos fibres
4. Disposal of non-salvageable car furnishings and parts (safely wrapped in EPA approved bags)

All asbestos contaminated vehicles that will be crushed will have certificates provided at the conclusion of the decontamination process.

Each vehicle will be assessed individually, and a remediation plan designed and executed specific to the vehicle.

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