Auto Decontamination Fire and Smoke

During and after a fire a distinct odour can be smelt. This is a result of chemicals from the burning materials being released into the atmosphere and absorbed into the pores of the building materials. Smoke odour can be very difficult to remove. But it is possible if treated properly.

Similar to a property affected by fire, smoke and/or soot, a vehicle exposed to fire and smoke will suffer from soot residue permeating all surfaces including seats, door panels, dashboard, wiring and carpets etc. The issues associated with a vehicle affected by fire and smoke is not only the residue left on all surfaces but the smoke odour that permeates into the porous materials. The smoke odour can be extremely difficult to remove.

A vehicle affected by fire, smoke and/or soot damage may require extensive decontamination which could include the removal of car seats and carpets, thorough cleaning methods to remove the soot source and ozone gas technology to remove lingering odours. Vehicles affected by fire, smoke and/or soot can be successfully restored back to pre-damage condition with the combination of these methods.

Key Points to consider:

  • The quicker you engage Juvenaire Auto Decon Services the better the chances you have of recovering and removing the odour from your vehicle.
  • Smoke residue combine with moisture and high humidity on any metal services and electronic components can cause corrosion. Electronic components if not stabilised immediately, may not be able to be salvaged.
  • Do not attempt to clean smoke residue yourself. The use of incorrect products can actually set the stain instead of removing it.
  • The key to smoke odour removal is through source removal and total decontamination

Juvenaire has a varying range of smoke deodorisation processes that can be used depending on the cause and conditions of the fire and smoke damage. On the initial inspection the Project Manager will assess and organise a Scope of Works that outlines the restoration process for successful restoration of the motor vehicle as well as the elimination of any odours.

More Juvenaire Auto Decontamination Information: