Auto Decon – Methamphetamine

The manufacture of illicit drugs especially methamphetamine, has increased in private residences, caravans, hotels, garages and inside motor vehicles. Manufacturing methamphetamine involves a cooking process where mixtures of dangerous chemical vapours permeates all porous surfaces. This fills the vehicle’s interior with harmful chemicals. These dangerous chemicals emit fumes that are absorbed into exposed surfaces such as seats, carpets, roof linings and general contents. Determining the extent of contamination is necessary in deciding which internal structures and contents need a thorough clean or possible removal.

Preliminary testing is an essential requirement needed to determine the level of methamphetamine present on the internal surfaces of the vehicle and oftentimes, this is not visible to the naked eye. This initial testing identifies whether the vehicle is contaminated or not, and the levels of concentration will indicate if the car can be restored to its pre-damage stage.

Once we have determined that the car can be decontaminated, the following steps may be required:

  • Seat removal
  • Carpet removal
  • Roof lining removal
  • Dashboard removal
  • Door interior panels strip out

After cleaning, post testing is essential to determine if the vehicle has been successfully decontaminated and is safe for occupancy; in accordance with the Australian government guidelines.

Juvenaire’s technicians are experienced with the meth clean-up process. Should you have any concerns in relation to a possible vehicle contamination, please contact us to speak with a Project Manager to arrange an inspection time.

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