Auto Decon – Odour Removal

Vehicles that have an odour may be caused by the following:
– Water damage
– Mould
– Smoke or soot residue and fire damage
– Forensic and biological remnants (blood, faeces, etc)
– Food scraps or debris
– Protein odour (biological breakdown of organic substances).

How is odour detected?

Odour is interpreted by sensation, experience, knowledge and suggestion.

There are two types of odours, “real odour” a pure sensation of smell transmitted to the brain and ‘psychological odour’ or ‘heightened awareness odour’ that people think they smell based on experience, suggestion and past experience. The latter is the most difficult odour to address for the restoration technician.

As odour can be difficult to eliminate, each vehicle will be assessed individually. These are the steps that we undertake to:
1. Discover the source
2. Remove, clean and decontaminate the odour source with speciality cleaning agents
3. Fog, mist, use heat gas technology or ozone gas technology processes to eliminate the final smell.

Each vehicle will be assessed individually, and a remediation plan is carried out specific to the vehicle.

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