Auto Decontamination Water Damage

When water enters a motor vehicle, penetration and subsequent absorption can seriously affect door linings, seats, carpets, sub-floor, dashboard etc…

If left untreated, water absorption can result in mould growth and additional damage. Where possible, vehicles should be processed promptly in order to minimise further damage and reduce restoration costs.
Water damaged vehicles can be placed into either of two categories which determine which restoration procedures should be applied to provide the optimum result:

  • General Water Damage is classified as rain water that has entered via an open window, roof or door. Early treatment may only necessitate drying of the interior, followed by a detail clean. The result assures a high quality restoration and return of vehicle in almost showroom condition.
  • Black Water Damage is classified as water entering via the door seals (door linings) caused predominantly by flooding. As such, black water has significantly more contaminants, all of which can be dangerous if not dealt with promptly and correctly. Black water contaminated vehicles may require a more extensive restoration process including; removal of seats and carpets, thorough drying and the application of an antimicrobial agent. The final detail clean will return the vehicle to an optimum condition.

Auto-Decon Services ensure that each vehicle will be assessed individually, and a remediation plan actioned specific to the vehicle.

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