Drug-Lab Clean-Up

Juvenaire recognises the manufacture of illicit drugs predominantly Methamphetamine, as a significant issue that is becoming more widely recognised. Clandestine drug labs or Methamphetamine drug labs, commonly known as meth labs, speed, crank, crystal and ice labs produce harmful chemicals that can affect your health if chemical residue is found on surfaces and this residue ingested.

Australian Government - Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines

Click Image for Australian Government – Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines

Understanding the correct meth lab clean up procedures, guided by the Governments meth clean-up laws, is critical in this chemical clean up. A successful methamphetamine lab clean up involves meth testing (pre and post) and meth samples. This drug lab testing is a surface test, sent as drug lab samples to a registered laboratory that identifies the levels of meth contamination within a person’s home; if identified as a meth lab home. A thorough property assessment can assist in this identification.

Juvenaire has years of experience and a vast knowledge and understanding in clandestine drug lab clean ups and offers experienced technicians with extensive specialised training in clandestine drug lab decontamination methods and remediation procedures. Juvenaire are the professionals in methamphetamine clean up and want to heighten awareness of the health risks associated and gain awareness that there is someone out there that can help!


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