Specialist Services – Silica Dust Removal

Silica Dust – The New Asbestos

Silica dust has been ever present in almost all construction sites or at jobs that generate dust. This includes silica containing materials being cut or ground – such as concrete, brick, blocks, mortar, pavers and benchtop manufacturing. The increasingly harmful effects of inhaling silica dust has only recently come to mainstream attention. Silica dust inhalation can cause irreversible damage to the respiratory system and cause devastating diseases like silicosis and lung cancer. Almost all persons that have health issues caused by silica dust have been those working in the construction industry. With constant exposure to airborne silica dust and inadequate PPE (such as coveralls, respirators and other protective gear), many workers have developed these dilapidating illnesses.

A few years ago, asbestos was identified as a major threat to the health of those exposed to its airborne fibres. The ill effects have been devastating as issues have emerged years after initial exposure to its fibres. Silica dust is a similar threat to health as the dust particles are minute and manifest themselves after many years of passive growth and deterioration of the human body. Therefore, Juvenaire is now offering silica dust removal for your home or property.

How Much Silica is Too Much?

Even a small amount of silica dust is enough to become a potential health hazard. Exposure over 25 – 50 micrograms/cubic meter of respirable silica dust is enough to cause severe health conditions. Similar to asbestos fibres, silica dust also lodges itself on to the soft lung tissue when inhaled and begins to cause the formation of cancer causing cells.

Juvenaire has been working with asbestos and silica dust for many years and has always practised WHS protocol to protect its technicians. Silica dust removal has been a part of Juvenaire’s standard practice as we believe in complete restoration of the internal environment of a home affected by any airborne particulates. If you need silica dust removed from your property with care and according to Australian safety procedures, call Juvenaire 1300 550 960.