A New Category for Cyclones and Super Storms

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Juvenaire News

Scientists and weather experts are looking to add an extra category to the cyclone/hurricane super storms scale. Introducing this category is to ensure that a better warning system is in place. This is in order to potentially save many lives across the world. as it will allow people to be better prepared for the increasing scale of super storm.

Category 6

Category 6 is being proposed as an addition to the cyclone scale. Studies suggest that wind speeds during storms have doubled and even tripled over the past 38 years. Wind-speeds have now been recorded at over 250kmph (kilometers per hour), on a global scale. 

When ocean temperatures increase, there’s a greater chance of cyclones developing, while cooler sea temperatures indicate a mild cyclone season. For this reason, rising ocean temperatures are often indicative of the increasing severity of cyclones. Some of the more active cyclone seasons have been linked to the temperature rise. 

The strongest cyclone to ever be recorded, Typhoon Haiyan, hit the Phillipines in 2013 and tragically killed people housed in shelters designed to withstand cyclonic conditions. The shelters were not built for resistance to flooding – due to an unprecedented amount of rain. 

Call The Experts

Juvenaire has been in operation since 1991 and has had over two decades of experience with disaster recovery response. With over 40, 000 claims successfully completed, we have firsthand experience with the growing severity of storms across Queensland. In answer to the growing number of homes and properties being impacted by severe storms, Juvenaire has expanded its disaster recovery team every storm season.

Scientists claim that the current cyclone scale does not take into account the fact that storms are increasing in intensity at a faster rate. Because of this, rain will consequently be much more heavy. This is even if the wind loses its strength when it hits landfall. Even a 15kmph increase in wind speeds can cause upwards of 20% in potential damages. This is a significant number and by adding a sixth category to the cyclone scale, countries will be able to improve their emergency strategies and potentially save hundreds of lives in the future.

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