Methamphetamine Testing & Remediation

Methamphetamine Testing & Contamination

The manufacture of illicit drugs like methamphetamine has become a growing epidemic within Australia. Clandestine drug labs often found within domestic residence, produce harmful chemicals that can have lasting health implications for inhabitants.

Even smoking leaves behind chemical residue on surfaces and if accidentally ingested, can severely impact one’s health. Our fully trained technicians conduct thorough methamphetamine testing and complete decontamination of affected properties. 

Meth Exposure

With the majority of labs discovered in residential buildings, exposure carries great health implications to current and future residents.

Manufacturing methamphetamine involves a cooking process. The mixtures of dangerous chemicals evaporate and permeate all porous and non-porous surfaces including kitchen benches, walls, ceilings, books, pillows, toys and other contents items.

The harmful chemicals contaminate the property and without correct decontamination may remain indefinitely.

A innocuous suburban house that could be impacted by methamphetamine.

Understanding the correct meth lab clean up procedures, guided by the Government’s meth clean-up laws is critical for this complex chemical remediation process. A thorough property assessment assists in its identification.

Methamphetamine contamination is typically invisible and exposure to its residue can cause serious health issues.

Methamphetamine Testing & Decontamination Process

Initial testing, determines the extent of methamphetamine contamination.

Our Project Managers will take swab samples from multiple areas of the property. A specialty lab will test the samples and determine the level of methamphetamine concentration within the property.

If contaminated, we remove exposed soft furnishings including carpets, curtains, lounge suites, mattresses and linen. Light fittings, plumbing and air-conditioning systems will be treated and or removed. In extreme circumstances, the stripping of walls, ceilings and cabinetry may be necessary. Juvenaire assesses all properties on a case by case basis.

Juvenaire uses specialist cleaning procedures, chemicals and machines to neutralise the methamphetamine contaminated property. We use the latest chemicals and procedures to bring the property back to pre-loss condition. A clearance certificate will be issued once an optimal level of contamination is achieved.

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