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Odour Decontamination Of An Odour Affected Vehicle

Odour decontamination in vehicles can be quite challenging as the source of the odour may be difficult to determine. Juvenaire’s technicians specialise in the removal of odour and sanitisation of vehicles. For more information on odour removal click here The Job A recent decontamination project involved a very foul odour within a rental vehicle. The cause of the odour was found to be urine. The urine had absorbed into the driver’s side car seat and was emitting an unbearable odour making the vehicle …

Severe Weather and Water Damage

Although we’ve had record rainfall in Queensland so far, there is more rainfall predicted in the coming months. Severe weather and heavy rainfall usually results in water damage to homes and properties. Open windows, flood waters, storm drain overflow and roof leaks can all cause water to enter the property. Action must be taken immediately …

Commercial Mould Remediation in Library – over 10, 000 books

Commercial mould remediation is Juvenaire’s speciality. We have cleaned mould in both commercial and residential properties from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast and across Queensland. With decades of experience behind us, we have been successful at implementing the best remediation processes for commercial, residential and vehicle decontamination. Juvenaire was recently called in to carry out …

Methamphetamine Remediation on a Stolen Vehicle

While conducting a methamphetamine remediation on a stolen vehicle, our technicians are trained to look out for any sharps or evidence while cleaning vehicles. In fact, the first step of the decontamination procedure is to complete a sharps sweep within the vehicle. This allows us to safely clean the car and to remove any biohazards …

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