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Mould Remediation for a Triple Storey, Multi-Million Dollar Property on the Gold Coast

Juvenaire has been in the restoration business for the past 27 years and has successfully completed countless mould remediation projects throughout Queensland. However, new challenges continue to emerge more often than not. This particular project is not an exception, with three storeys of mould contamination presenting its fair share of challenges. Water damage is a …

Effects of Water Damage on Building Materials

Often, we think that inundation issues in homes come from wild weather and big storms. However, broken water supply lines, appliance failures such as washing machines as well as damaged roofs allowing rainfalls in your house may also cause important water damage and eventually lead to flooding. This water is considered as “clean water” (category …

When Should We Be Aware of Asbestos Contamination?

Many Queensland properties and buildings built before the 90’s may contain asbestos used for walls, ceilings and roofing. Asbestos materials are not harmful unless they release dust or fibres into the air that can be inhaled. Damage and destruction of the asbestos materials such as water or storm damage as well as fire damage will …

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