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Effects of Water Damage on Building Materials

Often, we think that inundation issues in homes come from wild weather and big storms. However, broken water supply lines, appliance failures such as washing machines as well as damaged roofs allowing rainfalls in your house may also cause important water damage and eventually lead to flooding. This water is considered as “clean water” (category …

Forensic & Biohazard Car Decontamination

Juvenaire remediates Vehicle Biohazard including car break-ins, removal of sharps, in addition to blood and biohazards in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast as well as Toowoomba. A car may require a forensic and biohazard decontamination if you accidentally leave your windows open allowing animals such as rodents in or if your vehicle has experienced a …

Guide to Mould Removal

The best way to prevent mould is to remove water and moisture sources. Fixing leaks, installing proper insulation, drying out damp areas and removing humidity from the air will help to prevent future mould growth considerably. There are two main categories of mould, the first is environmental and the second is due to a water …

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