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Commercial Mould Remediation in Library – over 10, 000 books

Commercial mould remediation is Juvenaire’s speciality. We have cleaned mould in both commercial and residential properties from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast and across Queensland. With decades of experience behind us, we have been successful at implementing the best remediation processes for commercial, residential and vehicle decontamination. Juvenaire was recently called in to carry out …

Methamphetamine Remediation on a Stolen Vehicle

While conducting a methamphetamine remediation on a stolen vehicle, our technicians are trained to look out for any sharps or evidence while cleaning vehicles. In fact, the first step of the decontamination procedure is to complete a sharps sweep within the vehicle. This allows us to safely clean the car and to remove any biohazards …

Juvenaire Now Offers Secure Contents Storage

A growing demand in the need for contents restoration and storage at Juvenaire has led to an expansion of our contents services. Late last year, a new storage facility was acquired by Juvenaire to organise contents that were coming into and leaving Juvenaire. With our large warehouse in full operation, there was growing concern over …

Juvenaire’s Hoarder Clean-Up Service

As a part of Juvenaire’s services, we also offer hoarder clean-ups. Hoarders are people who collect everything they use or own for years and years. This leads to ever-growing piles of things – most of which are waste materials that over time bury valuable items. These piles may include clothes, rubbish, used items, antique items, …

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