Steve Thornton-Smith – Founder & CEO

The founder and CEO of Juvenaire, Steve has been in the restoration business for over 25 years. Steve has developed the business from a small enterprise to the largest independent restoration company in Queensland. Juvenaire’s success and longevity can be attributed to Steve’s focus on five key strategies – grow organically, invest in staff development, use the best methods and equipment to do the job, maintain high standards and above all, deliver to the satisfaction of the customer. Steve is recognised as an expert in the restoration industry. He has achieved this status from years of hands on experience coupled with his depth of knowledge acquired through research and practical application across all areas of disaster recovery and restoration.



Peter Cooper – General Manager

Peter has been part of the senior management team at Juvenaire for over 14 years. As the General Manager, Peter manages the day to day operations of the business. He has overseen the company expand its services and increase its annual turnover significantly, making Juvenaire Queensland’s premier restoration company. Peter brings to the Juvenaire team the management experience and expertise that assures a quality of service to the customer at all times. This is seen through the implementation of policies, procedures and training provided to management and technicians. His ability to lead and manage has led to the establishment of a strong and highly qualified team of technicians capable of restoring and remediating residential and commercial buildings affected by any disaster.



David Saunders – Senior Project Manager

David has more than 20 years experience in the restoration industry and is continuously expanding his expertise in all areas of Juvenaire’s service divisions. He has been with Juvenaire for the past 14 years and manages the on-site teams to ensure every restoration project is completed effectively and efficiently. David specialises in the complex and high priority projects that require particular attention to detail. His experience in the restoration industry covers a wide range of disaster situations from domestic to large scale commercial sites. David’s extensive knowledge and continuous education with the newest advancements in the restoration industry is vital to the success of Juvenaire’s operations. David’s experience complements Juvenaire’s services which allows the company to continuously grow and expand to meet client needs.


Guy Brothers – Project Manager

Guy has been with Juvenaire for over a decade and owing to his skills and abilities, has gradually progressed to the senior role of Project Manager. His experience and ability to manage demanding projects enables him to proficiently oversee a large number of restoration projects. His background in construction allows Guy to provide the crucial insight required to successfully restore disaster affected building materials to the highest standard and with utmost efficiency. He is continuously expanding his knowledge in the restoration industry by completing accredited courses on a regular basis. By introducing the most advanced methodologies, he is able to oversee the technical team and increase efficiency throughout the restoration process. In addition to his management role, Guy provides Juvenaire’s technicians with crucial ongoing training, support and mentoring.



Tony Rigg – Project Manager

After successfully running his own restoration company in Rockhampton, and working with Juvenaire as a sub-contractor for the past 15 years, Tony joined Juvenaire as a Project Manager. With his extensive knowledge of the restoration process and owing to his experience of running his own restoration company, Tony brings more than just technical experience to the team. His vast experience in the carpet cleaning industry, working at an advanced restoration equipment warehouse and his background in mechanics makes Tony an extremely valuable team member. Tony provides the technical team with critical mentorship that guides each restoration project to successful completion.


Shane Scott – Project Manager

Shane has been with Juvenaire for over a decade and during this time has worked his way up to the role of Project Manager at our Sunshine Coast office. Initially operating from a small office, Shane’s dedication has led to the expansion of the Sunshine Coast division which now employs quite a few technicians and office staff at a state of the art warehouse. The Sunshine Coast experiences a fair few storms during the storm and cyclone season and Shane’s ability to efficiently manage disaster recovery efforts at a large scale during such events is critical to the success of Juvenaire’s operations. Shane’s experience enables him to manage both residential and commercial restoration projects. He also provides mentorship to technicians in all areas of Juvenaire’s specialist services.


Lisa Elvish – Operations & Claims Support Officer

From the warehouse to technicians and to the claims department, Lisa makes sure Juvenaire’s daily operations run smoothly. Her diverse role allows her to coordinate, negotiate and build relationships across the various departments. Lisa brings a high level of efficiency to the company and is the vital link between staff members and upper management. Lisa’s role as the Operations Officer allows her to represent Juvenaire and build healthy relationships with clients and partner insurance companies. She ensures that negotiations are amicable between the two parties and are maintained with a high degree of professionalism.


Grace Alexander, Katie Scott, Kathryn Gregson, Samantha Kuskopf, Abbie Allen and Bozenka Hadden – Claims Team

Managed by the Operations and Claims Support Officer, the claims department provides essential systematic support to all areas of the business. Delivering our most essential aspect of customer service and overseeing the efficiency of each claim, the team is critical to Juvenaire’s operations. From reception to claims support, the team negotiates with clients, technicians and the accounts department to see each project to successful completion. They are the essential lifeline that negotiates with all departments and management to ensure all information is accurate and up to par with Juvenaire’s corporate standards. 


Trudy Tangata and Fiona Verrall – Accounts Team

An essential department of the company, our accounts team takes care of more than just the numbers for Juvenaire. From invoicing through to auditing, Trudy and Fiona operate as the finance team with efficiency, dedication and a high level of proficiency. The duo manages a large number of claims among other accounting duties to keep the business moving forward. Working with the General Manager and the Managing Director, the team develops all accounting policies and procedures within Juvenaire. In conjunction with the daily accounting procedures, the team’s role is to identify the efficiency and effectiveness of Juvenaire’s business activities on an ongoing basis.


Shivangni Singh and Kieren Magey – Marketing Team

Working closely with the Managing Director, the marketing team focuses on innovating Juvenaire’s brand and promoting our mission. Ranging from product development through to social media campaigns, website and content management, the marketing department has a very diverse role in the management of the Juvenaire brand. The creative duo is experienced in digital marketing and graphic designing and are continuously adding value to the company’s brand recognition efforts.



Jessica Mitchell – Human Resources Advisor

Jessica works closely with the Managing Director and General Manager to align the goals of the business with Juvenaire’s daily operations. While overseeing and maintaining the health, safety and quality management systems, Jessica also provides Juvenaire with integral structure and support in relation to workplace health and safety procedures. Jessica brings a high level of structure and professionalism to the company and is vital to talent and procedure management of Juvenaire’s operations.