Fire Damage Restoration

Juvenaire Fire Damage Restoration Service

Juvenaire established its fire damage restoration services in the year 2000 and has since provided fire clean up services for residential and commercial properties. Our technicians use proven techniques to eradicate soot, smoke residue and lingering odours from fire affected properties.

Fire and smoke damage to residential or commercial properties can be stressful. It can lead to life and business disruptions and even loss of income. We recognise the impact fires can have on businesses, lives and families. Therefore, we understand the urgency to restore your business or family life back to normal.

Our Project Managers plan and supervise the entire operation and ensure completion of cleaning and restoration are of a high standard.

Inspection, Chemical Testing & Assessment

Fire causes significant damage to building materials and contents.

It requires thorough inspection, chemical testing and assessment. This process helps to determine safety issues, possible corrosion and identification of areas and items requiring urgent attention.

Juvenaire’s team of trained and experienced technicians can tackle and restore any fire damaged property or vehicle, regardless of the size of the loss. We treat all our customers with care and respect at a time of potential trauma.

Structural Cleaning For Fire Damage Restoration

Our trained technicians can restore all internal and external surfaces, such as; walls, ceilings, windows, flooring and brickwork, Even air conditioning and ventilation ducting. We use specialty equipment and cleaning agents to remove any soot or odours caused by the fire or smoke damage.

Contents Cleaning

Smoke residue from the fire can cause extensive damage to contents, particularly clothing, paper, electronics, furniture and carpets. Which if not dealt with quickly, can cause permanent odour, staining or corrosion. Juvenaire restores contents quickly and effectively, at its state of the art contents processing facility.


Odour Control

Strong odours normally follow every fire incident. Burning materials release chemicals, these chemicals fill the atmosphere, releasing strong odour. The odour is absorbs into porous building materials and contents.

If not treated using proper techniques, chemical residues in the form of smoke and soot can cause health issues for those that become exposed to them.  Detailed cleaning of the building structure and its contents is essential for the removal of the odour. Juvenaire’s technicians will use advanced processes and specialty restoration equipment to ensure the property is odour free. 

Fire Auto Decon

Vehicles exposed to fire and smoke will suffer from soot residue permeating surfaces including; seats, door panels, wiring and carpets.

A vehicle affected by fire, smoke and/or soot damage may require extensive decontamination. This could include the removal of car seats and carpets.

Thorough cleaning methods to remove the soot source and specialist techniques remove lingering odours. Vehicles affected by fire, smoke and/or soot can be successfully restored to pre-damage condition incorporating these methods.

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