Claim Insurance for Professional Restoration After a Storm

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At Juvenaire, we work closely with insurance companies to provide quality restoration services to disaster-affected Queenslanders. In the event of a storm, quite a lot of rain, strong winds and property damage occurs. If you are affected by a storm at your property, you may be eligible for an insurance claim that covers costs to professionally restore your home.

These are the important points to remember when you are affected by a storm:

  • Gather evidence such as pictures of damaged property and belongings, find receipts (it is always a good idea to store them digitally in cloud storage in the case of flooding or water damage)
  • Lodge your claim by contacting your insurer
  • You may be visited by an assessor or adjuster sent by your insurer to investigate your claim
  • If your claim is successful, your insurer may send professionals to repair your damages and this is usually where Juvenaire steps in to help restore your property

How Does Juvenaire Help with the Insurance Claim?

Once Juvenaire has been contacted for a clean-up of the damaged property (such as in the case of flooding or water damage and contents restoration), a team of specialist technicians will be sent to your property to carry out the restoration process. The technicians will explain to you what the process of the restoration will be to help you understand what will happen throughout the restoration process.

The technicians will assess the damages to your property and carry out the remediation process to ensure that your home is completely safe to continue living in. This process may take a few hours to a few days to complete and is dependent on the extent of the damage caused by the storm. Specialist equipment may be used to remediate the damages to your property and they may have to be left at your residence overnight to ensure that a thorough clean-up has been completed. The equipment may be air movers and dehumidifiers, used to specifically dry water damaged building materials.

Juvenaire’s technicians will clean and dry the home to avoid issues such as mould growth, odours and other potential health risks. Mould and mould spores can cause severe respiratory issues and can even lead to serious illness in some cases. Therefore, ensuring that your property has been properly treated should be a huge priority for you and your family.

Once the remediation is complete, Juvenaire will liaise with your insurer and your insurer will get in touch with you regarding your claim.

If you like to reach out to us regarding disaster recovery at your property, give us a call on 1300 550 960 or email us at

*Please speak with your insurer for more details on your policy and what it covers.