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Contents Restoration

Have you recently experienced water or fire damage at your property? Have your contents been affected? Juvenaire has the solution.

Replacing valuable contents items for your household or business can get very expensive. However quick and successful contents recovery can ensure significant cost-savings. Juvenaire’s experienced technicians combined with the latest technology in restoration means that we are able to recover both your soft and hard contents items.

To begin the restoration process, our restoration technician’s document the contents items and determines if they are restorable. We then separate our soft and hard contents items.

Our Esporta Wash System restores soft contents like purses, shoes, bags, wedding dresses, bedding and a lot more. Without this wash system, these items would have to be discarded. The Esporta effectively removes severe contamination caused by fire, smoke and even by raw sewerage. The system has already saved millions of dollars.

Our Ultrasonic cleaning systems provide restoration of hard contents such as dishes, ornaments and toys. When you can move through a box of items from five to seven minutes, including unpacking, washing, drying and re-boxing, cost-effective contents restoration takes on a whole new meaning.

Di-ionised water, along with ultrasonics, has also allowed many appliances that previously wouldn’t have been restored cost-effectively to be restorable- once again speeding up the restoration process and significantly reducing replacement costs.

These innovations have vastly improved the restoration of household and business. What was once deemed a write-off is being restored faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

Juvenaire also specialises in technical, electronic and machinery cleaning. If your computers or other electronic items have been affected by fire, water or mould then we have the capabilities to restore them.

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