Drymatic Restoration Training

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Juvenaire News, Specialist Services, Water Damage, Restoration

Juvenaire’s commitment to providing its technicians and staff with industry standard restoration training and certifications is paramount. We strive to keep staff informed with the best practises and up to date with the latest technological advances.

Juvenaire training begins with our Project Managers, who are industry experts. They have numerous years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to offer our techs. Because of this our Pms are always sharing their experiences, offering expert solutions and mentoring our technicians. Juvenaire wants to provide exceptional service for our affiliates and clients affected by disaster events.

Accordingly Juvenaire has always invested in restoration training, for its personal and is committed to upgrading its equipment and technology to the latest innovations and techniques. This is to emphatically ensure that every job is completed at the industry standard or better.

On this particular training session, Juvenaire project managers instruct staff on the operation of Drymatic Heat Mats and Boost Bar systems. Heat mats are designed to target dry hard to dry floors. In particular this system boosts drying time and is effective for timber, concrete, tiles, carpet, underlay and subfloors.

Heat mats are just one of the many pieces of equipment used by Juvenaire on a daily basis to restore and remediate damaged properties and vehicles.

Above all, it is crucial our technicians are well trained in use of this equipment.

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