Fire Contamination – What to do in the Event of a Fire?

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Fire Restoration, Juvenaire News

What should I do after a fire?

Fire releases soot and smoke which includes chemical components that are released when items such as plastic, wood and fabric is burnt. Fire contamination is hazardous to health, not only when inhaled but also when it comes into contact with skin. Severe odour contamination resulting from burnt household items can also affect the quality of the indoor air. Therefore, it is very important to clean all the surfaces (exposed and hidden) as well as the contents meticulously.

Is it safe to stay in your house?

Emergency Services will advise you if it is safe to enter your home after a fire. Occupants suffering from respiratory or breathing issues (especially asthma) should not be entering the building with fire contamination until cleaned and decontaminated by trained restoration technicians.

The fire department often uses water to put out the flames and this may also causes water damage to your home. Fire and water damage mix to become a very complex decontamination and restoration process. It is therefore recommended that a professional restoration company be employed to make your home safe again.


If you are insured for fires, it is essential that you inform your insurance company or broker of the incident and the losses as soon as possible. Create an inventory of damaged areas of your property and list all your damaged personal belongings. We recommend you to take as many pictures as possible. It is very important to coordinate with your insurance company before taking any initiatives or arranging for any services or repairs.

Electricity & Contents

All household utilities need to be checked thoroughly to determine if they are safe to use or if they need to be disconnected. DO NOT attempt to (re)connect devices yourself! Beware of electricity, water or gas connections that may be damaged or disconnected by Emergency Services or energy providers. Contact your local provider for more details.

Secure your property

Once the emergency crew finishes their work, it will be the owner’s responsibility to protect the property from robbery and vandalism. You may want to consider hiring a professional that provides temporary fencing or security while you get the damage repaired.


Smoke and soot residue can cause more damage than what we can see with the naked eye. They are very dangerous to health and can penetrate walls, carpet, curtains, clothing etc. They may remain embedded on these surfaces and continue to emit odours and become a health hazard.

It is important to engage a professional restoration and cleaning company to bring your home back to a safe and livable space. Juvenaire not only restores homes and buildings but also contents affected by soot and smoke residue. We organise packouts to assist with the cleaning, salvaging and removal of affected items. Call us for more details on 1300 550 960.

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