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Fire Damage Cleanup

Every fire situation is different. The varying sources of the fire will have different residues and odours present in the affected property. This will determine the cleaning and restoration processes for both building and contents affected by the soot smoke damage.

As Juvenaire has been restoring buildings affected by fire and soot for over 20 years, we have developed the most efficient and effective cleaning processes. Over the years we have invested in state of the art equipment for content restoration such as the Esporta wash system and the Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning system.

Restoring a fire damaged property is a complex chemical procedure and must be undertaken preferably by professionals trained in chemical decontamination. This prevents smears, stains, soot and odours from remaining within the affected property and causing health concerns for occupants. Cleaning and restoring commercial as well as residential properties damaged by fire also requires thorough inspections, chemical testing and assessment.

Have you had your house affected by fire recently?

The quicker you get in contact with us, the better the chances are to restore your affected content items back to pre-loss condition. Juvenaire has the capabilities to restore all your contents from soft contents (clothes, linen, bags, shoes, etc.) and hard contents (furniture, ornaments etc.)

If the had fire occurred in one or several rooms but the others have not been affected by soot or smoke, keep these doors closed to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. Do not attempt to clean the soot residue yourself. It could potentially be harmful to you and you risk causing further damage.

Furthermore, depending on how the fire was extinguished, water extraction and drying procedures may be required too. Contact our project managers on 1300 550 960 or for any questions or clairfications.

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