Forensic Cleanup Service – Discreet and Professional

by | May 29, 2017 | Forensic Cleanup

We Are Here for You

At a time of loss, Juvenaire’s forensic cleanup service is here to help. Juvenaire will take care of your needs with complete discretion. We will ensure that the home is taken care of during this time of distress. Because Juvenaire’s trained technicians have many years of experience in forensic clean-up, we will ensure that all processes are done meticulously and with the utmost care.

The Process

As part of our forensic cleanup service, our technicians will arrive at the home (for information on vehicle forensic decontamination click here) and assess what needs to be done. Taking care not to disturb any belongings that may be of sentimental value. Above all our team will follow set procedures to ensure the clean-up is completed to an exceptional standard.

We use the best processes and techniques to bring the home back to its normal state. By being thorough, we ensure health and safety and remove any distressing remnants from the home. We will remove furnishings, carpets and any other contents that may need to be discarded.

Our Team

Juvenaire has been in operation throughout SEQ since 1991. With a wealth of knowledge and outstanding customer service, we aim to help families during their time of distress. Our technicians understand that it is a difficult time for mourning the loss of a loved one. With this in mind we will complete the cleaning process with utmost discretion and care.

More Juvenaire Services

As Queensland’s premier restoration company we offer other restoration services that you may need during this time. Juvenaire’s restoration services also include water, fire, and mould restoration. See a full list of services here. If required, we are also able to sort through and organise contents of the home with our contents management systems. 

Contents Sorting

Our technicians are trained to sort through home contents with great care and attention. We ensure that nothing that may have sentimental value is discarded. Our technicians have the capability and systems to organise a large volume contents cleaning, pack-out and storage service. 

Contents Restoration and Secure Storage

Juvenaire operates a state-of-the-art restoration facility in Brisbane with specialist equipment to clean and restore a wide range of contents. Complementing the contents restoration service, our secure storage facility ensures all possessions are kept safely and securely until required. 

For more info on Juvenaire’s forensic cleanup service click here