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Guide to Mould Removal

The best way to prevent mould is to remove water and moisture sources. Fixing leaks, installing proper insulation, drying out damp areas and removing humidity from the air will help to prevent future mould growth considerably.

There are two main categories of mould, the first is environmental and the second is due to a water damage event such as leak.

Mould requires water and food in order to grow. It can grow anywhere there is water, high humidity or damp conditions. Mould does grow faster in warm temperatures coupled with high humidity.

The Process

One of Juvenaire’s qualified project managers or technicians will inspect your premises and the affected area(s). Once a thorough inspection has taken place, we will first determine the type of mould, examine how this has occurred and from the information we obtain, we will put together a scope of work.

1- Inspection – Visual identification of mould

2- Containment – It is necessary only in some cases

3- Chemical Treatment

4- Drying

In some cases, clearance testing is required, depending on the particular situation we may need to carry out Bio-Tape and Air-O-Cell sampling. If clearance has been obtained, then this means that the mould source was removed and cleaned, no further works are required.

Juvenaire uses the effective chemical treatment provided by the Goldmorr system. We use two different type of chemicals that allow us to clean mould contaminated porous materials and hard surfaces. They are non-irritant, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-bleaching products that Juvenaire highly trusts.

Both products have been extensively tested and proven to be the most non-invasive products for the effective treatment of Mould. Juvenaire has been using them for years and our technicians are all qualified and highly trained. Our mould removal experts have years of experience and have vast knowledge in this area.

Environments can never be 100% mould free. Juvenaire will endeavour to bring the environment back to normal mould ecology. Sometimes this may not be viable due to unknown water damages in the premises.

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