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Juvenaire Mould Removal Service

Water leaks, plumbing issues, roof leaks, water overflows, or simply high levels of moisture in the air. These can all cause mould growth. Environmental mould caused by high moisture content in the air is generally found on surfaces and can be easily treated for you.  Conversely, mould caused by water ingress may be lurking inside wall cavities, out of sight and may be the source of your problems.  Thus will require a professional remediation company like Juvenaire to remedy your problem.

Mould Spreads Quickly

Given the right conditions, mould can spread quickly and release large amounts of spores into the air we breathe. Even so, high concentrations of mould spore does not always affect everyone. However some people can be highly susceptible, causing serious health issues.

Mould growth that appears in one end of the property will subsequently spread to other areas. Furthermore, this can infect contents, caused by the cross contamination of mould spores. Mould spores are microscopic and can not be seen with the naked eye. As a result with the right conditions, these spores will cause mould growth.

Engaging the right professional for your mould remediation is critical, as it is not what you can see that is just the problem, it is what you can’t see. Poor removal techniques, and a lack of knowledge may cause cross-contamination, resulting in more mould growth, and potential health risks.

Engaging the right professional for your mould remediation is critical, as it is not what you can see that is just the problem, it is what you can’t see!

What Are The Steps?

Step 1: Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is to determine if the mould is environmental mould or mould caused by water ingress.  Mould caused by water ingress and other sources of moisture will require further investigation.

Step 2: Further Investigation

Mould caused by water ingress e.g. leaking pipes or roof leaks, requires the removal of skirting boards and small sections of suspected wall area, in order to determine the extent of the mould damage.

Juvenaire will perform additional mould testing to identify the levels of air-borne contamination and the species type. This is because of the potential for cross contamination of mould spores in what appears to be a non-contaminated area. Once the investigations completed a quotation is provided to carry out the mould remediation works.

The source of water ingress needs to be confirmed and rectified before remediation starts.

Step 3: Mould Removal & Remediation

The mould remediation phase may require the installation of sealed wall barriers. Equally important is the installation of air scrubbers and negative air machines to prevent the cross contamination of mould spores.  Furthermore, removing plaster board walls and ceilings may also be necessary. This is to allow access to wall and ceiling framing, to thoroughly clean and treat said areas.

Building materials, if found to be still holding too much moisture (above 16% moisture content), will require additional drying. Additional drying will prevent the potential for mould to grow back.  All contaminated building materials removed from the property require wrapping and bagging to prevent further cross contamination. Important: The source of water ingress must be confirmed and rectified before remediation starts.

Step 4: Clearance Testing

To ensure all works are of a high standard, a client can request for additional testing. This will determine surface and air-borne mould concentrations and species identification. In most cases, a quilfied 3rd party contractor will provide this service. Juvenaire recommends this additional testing, for the added benefit of peace of mind knowing that you and your family and/or workplace is safe.


So, we had a flood from our toilet which impacted several areas of our house upstairs and downstairs. I was in a bit of a tizzy but the Juvenaire team contacted me very quickly after I made a claim with my insurer. From the very first conversation with the helpful Juvenaire staff, I was confident that our damage would be managed efficiently and professionally.

I was provided with timeframes for visits, the lads who managed the recovery were super friendly, knowledgeable and totally committed to first rate customer service. Juvenaire I couldn’t be happier, thanks so much for your care, expert service and advice – 10 out of 10 team!

I was impressed with Juvenaire’s service. Juvenaire were Amazing –  helpful and pleasant to deal with. Professional. Realist. And very understanding of the impact the disaster had on me. 

Thank you for your prompt response in getting the job completed over the weekend. Your service was outstanding. This meant a great deal to the family members at the affected property. It’s comforting to know that we have committed, like-minded contractors working with us and I cannot thank you and your teams enough.