Mould prevention tips for your home

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Mould Removal

Mould Prevention Tips

Mould is unsightly and unhygienic. Here are a few of our tips that may be helpful in preventing the spread of mould in your home.

1) Repairing plumbing leaks to prevent the growth of mould

It is very especially important to replace old pipes showing signs of wear and tear to ensure that the leaks do not occur. Leaks and moisture build up are the perfect conditions for mould growth.

2) Identifying sources of moisture and treating any condensation areas

Do not let moisture remain trapped in your house. Preventing moisture as well as condensation is crucial for mould control. We recommend increasing ventilation and air circulation in order to reduce or stabilise the level of humidity in the air. For those with the resources, installing a foundation drain as well as using a dehumidifier or maintaining your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems) are two effective solutions.

3) Cleaning and drying wet areas or materials quickly

It is essential to dry wet and moist areas as quickly as possible within your home as well as any affected contents. Mould usually starts growing within 48 hours of water coming into contact with your building materials and contents. Be sure to clean, disinfect and dry all surfaces to prevent any mould growth.

4) Maintaining indoor relative humidity below 70%

The ideal relative humidity inside a home is  between 35% and 55%. Houses in tropical areas such as Queensland are at a higher risk of mould growth. If you live in a tropical region, it is important to have an effective ventilation system.

5) Keeping your HVAC clean and unobstructed

Keep your air conditioning and heating systems clean through regular maintenance. Make sure that the systems are not obstructed by contents. This allows good air flow and ventilation which prevents moisture from building up within the system, consequently causing mould to grow.

Juvenaire has many years of experience with mould remediation and we use the latest and most effective technology and solutions to removal and  mould prevention. If you have mould growth in your home or place of business, contact Juvenaire as soon as possible via 1300 550 960 or email us

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