Your Mould Removal Guide

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Mould Removal

Juvenaire’s mould removal guide begins with prevention of mould, removing all water and moisture sources. Fixing leaks, installing proper insulation, drying out damp areas and removing humidity from the air will help prevent future mould growth considerably. There are two main categories of mould, the first is environmental and the second is due to a water damage event such as leak.

Mould requires water and food in order to grow. It can grow anywhere there is water, high humidity or damp conditions. Mould does grow faster in warm temperatures coupled with high humidity.

Mould Removal Guide: The Process

Juvenaire’s qualified project managers or technicians will inspect your premises and the affected area(s). Once a thorough inspection has taken place, we will proceed to determine the type of mould and its source. We will then prepare a scope of works for the restoration of affected areas and contents.

  1. Inspection – Visual identification of mould
  2. Containment – In Case of Poor Indoor Air Quality
  3. Chemical Treatment – Using Specialist Cleaning Agents
  4. Drying – With the use of Air Movers and Dehumidifiers

In some cases, clearance testing is required and depending on the severity of the mould growth, we may need to test the air quality by taking samples. If clearance has been obtained, we assume that the source of the mould has been addressed and cleaned. Therefore, no further works are required.

Juvenaire uses the most advanced techniques and specialist cleaning agents to treat mould growth. The chemicals that we utilise are non-irritant, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-bleaching products. Both products have been extensively tested and have proven to be the most non-invasive and effective mould treatment. Juvenaire has been using these chemical agents for many years and our technicians are all highly trained.

Our technicians follow strict processes to bring the environment back to normal mould ecology. However, sometimes this may not be viable if there is hidden water damage and mould growth in the premises.

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