Odour Decontamination Of An Odour Affected Vehicle

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Auto Decontamination, Juvenaire News, Specialist Services

Odour decontamination in vehicles can be quite challenging as the source of the odour may be difficult to determine. Juvenaire’s technicians specialise in the removal of odour and sanitisation of vehicles. For more information on odour removal click here

The Job

A recent decontamination project involved a very foul odour within a rental vehicle. The cause of the odour was found to be urine. The urine had absorbed into the driver’s side car seat and was also emitting an unbearable odour. A Juvenaire Project Manager inspected the vehicle to assess the damage whilst also providing a scope of works.  

Odour Decontamination Process

After the vehicle arrived at Juvenaire, a technician thoroughly and methodically cleaned it. The first step was a sharps sweep. This is a safety measure all vehicles must undergo as part of the Workplace Health and Safety standards at Juvenaire. Drug paraphernalia found during the sweep prompted the need for a methamphetamine test.  

Methamphetamine residue is invisible to the naked eye and highly toxic. We recommended the test to confirm the absence of the drug in the vehicle. An independent drug lab test confirmed that there was no traces of methamphetamine in the vehicle and was safe to continue with deodorisation. 

If the presence of methamphetamine was detected, Juvenaire’s technicians would then have carried out decontamination works to ensure the vehicle was safe to enter. 

Juvenaire utilised heat treatment to allow the pores of the vehicle interior to open and release odour particles. However, upon further inspection via the strip out of the vehicle, urine droplets were found under the centre console of the vehicle.  

The entire vehicle’s interior was then cleaned and sanitised. Juvenaire then steam cleaned and thoroughly HEPA vacuumed (to remove all contaminants). It was re-fitted with all interior components and a dehumidifier was used to remove all moisture from the interior. A test determined the car was free of odour and was returned to the owner of the vehicle, safe for use once again. 

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