Forensic Clean-Up

Juvenaire’s services includes crime scene cleaning to assist those who may face the unpleasant task of cleaning up after a death. Unfortunate and unpredictable events occur every day including homicides, suicides, fatal accidents and natural or unattended deaths. These can be a traumatic events that are often left for family, friends or colleagues to manage and eventually clean up. Juvenaire provides a full crime scene or forensic clean-up service which eliminates the unwanted and upsetting task of cleaning up after such a tragedy. Juvenaire has qualified crime scene technicians that use discretion for all projects.

Fingerprint Dust Removal

In criminal cases, the forensics team will dust a crime scene with fingerprint powder in search of evidence. Fingerprint powder – more commonly known as fingerprint dust is extremely difficult to remove and if left on internal surfaces and contents will cause staining over time.

The reasoning behind fingerprint powder being so difficult to remove is due to its particulate size. To understand and gain a perspective on fingerprint dust size; the particles are usually described in microns, a metric unit of measure. One micron is one-millionth of a metre. Fingerprint dust is less than 10 microns. This combined with its components, Lycopodium, Zinc Sterate and Carbon Black, allows for easy adherence to most surfaces and can be easily lodged in near-microscopic places increasing the complexity of its removal.

As professionals in the field, it is recommended that a qualified technician is contacted if fingerprint dust needs removal. The self-removal of components of fingerprint powder may streak, smear and stain surfaces such as painted items, fabrics, porous wood and non-vinyl wallpapers, especially if it is smeared or pushed into the surface.

Juvenaire is qualified in fingerprint dust removal and with the combination of specialised training and the right chemical components, we are able to effectively remove all remnants of fingerprint powder.

Blood Clean Up

Juvenaire’s qualified technicians are trained in the safe and effective cleanup and removal of biohazard materials such as blood, bodily fluids and tissue removal for all situations including suicides, homicides, accidents and unattended deaths. These situations can be traumatic and distressing therefore, Juvenaire’s specialists approach each scene with the upmost respect. Crime and trauma scene clean-ups can be tedious and time consuming as the smallest droplet of blood if not removed, may cause discomfort to those that have lost a loved one. Juvenaire’s technicians are trained to complete each individual job meticulously. Our technicians are not only trained and qualified in trauma and crime scene clean-up but also equipped to deal with the emotional and psychological trauma that is faced by victims, survivors and families. Our customers are top priority and therefore, Juvenaire attends and completes each job to the highest standard.

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The Health Risk 

Crime and trauma scenes contain many biological contaminants contaminants such as blood and bodily fluids, tissue and bone fragments. Possible decomposition increases health risk if contact and transmission occurs. Precautionary methods are recommended and designed to prevent the transmission of any possible diseases including HIV, hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus. Although skin provides some protection, it is not recommended that you proceed with the cleaning process without a trained professional.

Juvenaire’s trained technicians are equipped with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are knowledgeable of the associated safety procedures and processes to eliminate the risk of possible contraction of infections or diseases. These actions are also implemented to protect current and future residents at the property, to ensure safety and to provide exceptional restoration services.

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