How to Protect your Health from Bushfire Smoke?

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Fire Restoration

Many Queenslanders have been experiencing bushfire smoke lately (Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Hinterland). The city of Los Angeles undoubtedly faced the largest fire in the history of the city. Hundreds of families had to abandon their home and be evacuated to safety. Our fire experts are taking this opportunity to remind everyone about the dangers and its precautions.

Bushfire & Toxic Smoke

Homes near a bushfire are exposed to high volumes of smoke and should evacuate if it becomes a threat. However, living far away from a bushfire does not make people immune from its health impacts. If the incident is accompanied with strong winds, smoke can travel long distances and reach people many kilometres away. Bushfires can also affect those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions as well as those that are asthmatic.

Smoke & Your Health

Bushfire smoke consists of vapour, microscopic soot particles and toxic gases. These toxins penetrate the lungs and irritate the respiratory system. It will affect you differently depending on age, existing medical conditions and the length of time spent near the hazard. Indeed, young children, the elderly and the sick are often more susceptible to symptoms, such as chest pain and difficulty in breathing.

How Can You Reduce the Effects on Your Health?

Juvenaire has trained technicians that restore fire and smoke contaminated properties. Our team of fire experts have established a list of precautions to reduce health risk.

These are:

Stay indoors – It is the best way to prevent toxic smoke from affecting your health. Make sure that all windows and doors are closed especially in homes with people with existing medical health conditions. People should also minimise any prolonged outdoor physical activities.

Follow your medication and treatment – People with heart and lung conditions should follow their treatment and asthmatics should also take their medication as required. If symptoms worsen, seek medical assistance.

Set up air conditioning – To avoid the smoke from entering your home, we recommend that you switch your air conditioning to “recycle” and add a clean filter.

Leave the smoky area – If conditions are getting worse than expected, you may want to consider leaving the area temporarily to stay with friends or relatives outside the affected zone.

In an emergency always call Triple Zero (000).