Restoration of Commercial Business

by | May 24, 2017 | Specialist Services | 0 comments

Is your business insured for the unexpected?

Earlier this year, Juvenaire was appointed to manage the restoration of a commercial business on the Sunshine Coast when a car accidentally ploughed through the entrance of the business. The damage to the building and contents items was excessive and glass shards were showered across the entirety of the premise.

Restoring a Commercial Business

The process began with Juvenaire assessing the damage. Soft contents items that had been affected by glass were disposed of due to the potential dangers of micro fragments imbedded deep into contents fibres. These items were documented and manifested before being disposed of.

Juvenaire’s technicians then began the restoration processing of salvageable contents. During this process, thousands of glass shards were carefully removed from hard furnishings and surfaces. Our experienced technicians successfully completed the restoration of this business quickly, to allow for the shop to re-open asap for trade.

The importance of insurance and ensuring your insurance covers your property or business for any unexpected events, such as this is important. Please contact your insurance provider to clarify what you are covered for. If you are not covered, Juvenaire can help!

Juvenaire provides restoration services for unexpected incidents such as the above, as well as offering other specialist services such as water damage, mould removal and fire damage. If you have any concerns or need our services, call us today on 1300 550 960 or email 

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