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When Should We Be Aware of Asbestos Contamination?

Many Queensland properties and buildings built before the 90’s may contain asbestos used for walls, ceilings and roofing. Asbestos materials are not harmful unless they release dust or fibres into the air that can be inhaled.

Damage and destruction of the asbestos materials such as water or storm damage as well as fire damage will increase its friability. Asbestos fibres become hazardous and risky for our health when it is friable which means that it can be crumbled by hand and release particles into the air easily. Undamaged asbestos materials do not release fibres into the air and aren’t dangerous for the human body.

Asbestos and Water Damage

After every storm or water damage in houses the two main concerns are often the extraction of water and the prevention of mould growth. However, many houses in Queensland were built with asbestos materials and we frequently forget about this important aspect too.

If “older” houses have experienced storm damage involving strong winds and structural damage has occurred, the chances of asbestos contamination are very high. We recommend you consult an Asbestos Removal Company such as Juvenaire who can test the materials and safely remove it if necessary.

Asbestos and Fire Damage

Building materials containing asbestos are more likely to be damaged allowing airborne particles to be released into the air.

Asbestos fibres and dust remaining after a fire on the property may cause a risk if the ash and debris are disturbed and inhaled. If asbestos materials have been burnt during a fire at your house or you aren’t sure if they are contaminated it is crucial that a licensed asbestos removal company to carry out the clean-up work.

Not only is Juvenaire a licensed asbestos removal company, we also have specialised and experienced technicians who carry out water and fire damage projects. We believe that it is a valuable strength to be able to handle more than water or fire damage jobs and also the “add-ons” such as mould and asbestos removal as well as water extraction, odour removal and content restoration. This provides a “one-stop shop” for insurance companies with claims which require multiple restoration services.

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