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Are you Sick of Finding Mould in your House?

Mould Prevention Tips

Mould is unsightly and unhygienic. Here are a few of our tips we believe are most helpful prevent mould to spread in your house.

1) Repairing plumbing leaks to prevent the growth of mould
It is very important to replace old pipes that are disintegrated to ensure that the leaks don’t reoccur.

2) Identifying sources of moisture and treating any condensation areas
Do not let moisture remain trapped in your house. Preventing moisture and condensation is crucial for mould control. We recommend reducing or stabilising the level of humidity in the air by increasing ventilation and air circulation. Installing a foundation drain and using a dehumidifier or HVAC are two effective solutions.

3) Cleaning and drying wet areas or materials quickly
It is essential to dry as quickly as possible all the areas of your house and contents if they have been wet. Generally mould starts growing within 48h after a wet event. Make sure you clean, disinfect and dry surfaces which will prevent mould growth.

4) Maintaining indoor relative humidity below 70%
The ideal is set between 35 and 55%. Houses in tropical areas such as Queensland are most likely at risk of mould contamination. If you live in tropical areas, it is important to have an effective ventilation system.

5) Keeping your HVAC clean and unobstructed

Juvenaire provides solutions as to how to prevent and remove mould for both residential and commercial buildings. Our remediation process includes the identification and correction that permit the mould growth. We have the capabilities to remove mould from both building surfaces and contents.

Are you experiencing mould issues at work or at home? Contact Juvenaire now 1300 550 960 or

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