Townsville Flood Disaster & Juvenaire Recovery Response

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Juvenaire News, Mould Removal, Specialist Services, Water Damage, Restoration

The Townsville flood of 2019 caused mass displacement of people from their homes. The rains came as a blessing after a prolonged drought in the region however, the elation was short-lived. Rain poured for days on end! The recorded rainfall exceed a meter in some parts of the North QLD region and in turn caused widespread flooding. Dams, rivers, and creeks overflowed with the sheer volume of rainfall.

Flood water that has penetrated a home, carrying potential contaminated water throughout the house.

Juvenaire is currently providing its disaster recovery services to assist in the restoration of homes up North. As soon as the flood waters had receded, a huge number of claims began pouring through our claims department.

When the roads had been cleared and were accessible, the director of Juvenaire Steve Thornton-Smith and General Manager, Peter Cooper made their way to Townsville. They began to assess the damage and devise the most efficient way to respond to the disaster recovery process. After almost three decades in the restoration industry, Juvenaire is well equipped and prepared to tackle any disaster situation.

Once given the all clear, our warehouse team had organised specialist restoration equipment to be transported to Townsville. Technicians were temporarily housed in Townsville and remained there over next few months.

Mould outbreak on a ceiling, after water has penetrated the roof cavity of a home because of extreme weather.

Following a few meetings, restoration processes begun on affected homes by Project Managers and trained technicians. They worked tirelessly to ensure that families could return to their homes as soon as possible. We understand that due to the impact of such of the Townsville flood, many people were left without a home and have had to set up temporary accommodation as restoration works continued.

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