Ultrasonic Cleaning System at Juvenaire

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Juvenaire News

The Fireline system uses ultrasound (high frequency sound waves) and water to generate energy that removes contamination from hard contents such as appliances, jewellery, electronics, metal, tools and other household items. An ultrasonic cleaner can restore items damaged by water, fire, sewage and mould.

The ultrasonic cleaning equipment used at Juvenaire uses Cavitation technology – which is the formation of bubbles by creating ultrasonic waves in water (without heating the water). This process is sometimes known as ‘cold boiling’. These bubbles implode and produce microscopic jets of liquid. This process gently removes contaminated particles embedded on to the surfaces of hard contents.

Ultrasonic Restoration

This system is quite efficient and cost effective, it uses only liquid and ultrasonic waves to loosen embedded particles in a matter of minutes. Our technicians remove the loose particles of contents before placing them into the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Once the built contaminants are removed, the contents are dried and packaged to be returned to the owner.

The ultrasonics machine is able to clean contents thoroughly, even the most minute crevices on the damaged content’s surfaces. It is able to sanitise contents that may have been in contact with harmful contaminants such as mould and bacteria. This means your once unrestorable items can now be returned to their pre-loss condition.

With the introduction of this technology, once unsalvageable items can now be restored. Restorable contents can include collectibles, sentimental belongings and fire damaged items. Due to its quick turnaround time, it also saves you money by minimising the cost of storage.

If your contents have been affected by fire and you would like them to be restored, please contact us on 1300 550 960 or email us claims@juvenaire.com.au

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