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Forensic & Biohazard Car Decontamination

Juvenaire remediates Vehicle Biohazard including car break-ins, removal of sharps, in addition to blood and biohazards in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast as well as Toowoomba.

A car may require a forensic and biohazard decontamination if you accidentally leave your windows open allowing animals such as rodents in or if your vehicle has experienced a crash, accident, suicide or homicide involving blood spills. When the interior damages of a car are widespread, the remediation costs can appear to be higher than the value of the vehicle. However, when it involves expensive or luxury cars, the clients may want to have their cars professionally remediated and may also find the salvage cost-effective.

The cleaning procedure consists of a meticulous cleaning procedure that will leave all the surfaces of the car disinfected and free of bacteria/viruses. All porous materials very often can’t be cleaned and need to be removed as well as disposed of before the sanitation. Juvenaire uses efficient and specialised agents that destroy bacteria, viruses as well as any blood borne pathogens which will ensure the safety of the occupants of the vehicle.

Forensic cleanup requires trained and experienced technicians such as Juvenaire to ensure a successful biohazard car decontamination.

We recommend you do not clean the vehicle by yourself or engage a regular cleaning shop as it could lead to personal health risks, putting workers in danger and anyone else who will be in contact with it. Blood can be visually cleaned however blood borne pathogens are completely invisible to the naked eye and individuals may be exposed to health risks.

Don’t risk safety, contact your insurance company and Juvenaire in order to assist you. Our experts will ensure that your car has been efficiently decontaminated and safe to use.

Juvenaire is a restoration and recovery company that manages water damage, fire damage, mould removal, forensic cleaning and meth decontamination as well as car decontamination and cleanup. If you are experiencing troubles in one or several of these key areas, contact us 1300 550 960 or, our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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