Forensic Biohazard Car Decontamination

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Forensic biohazard car decontamination can include pets. Rodents or other pests may subsequently enter a vehicle if windows or doors were left open by mistake, leaving behind urine and faeces.

If your vehicle has experienced a crash or accident, there may be some manner of contamination with bodily fluids. When contamination is severe, the remediation costs may appear to be higher than the value of the vehicle. However, when it involves expensive or luxury cars, having the car professionally remediated may be a more cost-effective option.

Our Cleaning Procedure

The cleaning procedure that Juvenaire’s technicians employ is very meticulous. This will sanitise all the surfaces of the car and free of bacteria/viruses. More often than not, porous materials cannot be cleaned and may need to be removed or disposed of before sanitisation. Juvenaire uses the most efficient and specialised agents that destroy bacteria, viruses as well as any blood borne pathogens. This will ensure the safety of the occupants of the vehicle.

Forensic biohazard car decontamination requires trained specialist technicians in order to successful restore a vehicle. We advise against cleaning the contaminated vehicle by yourself or a cleaner as it could lead to health risks. It could put cleaners in danger of contracting diseases and anyone else that may be in contact with the pathogens. Blood may be visually cleaned, but blood borne pathogens are completely invisible to the naked eye and put you and your family at risk.

Contact Juvenaire

Don’t risk safety, contact your insurance company or Juvenaire to assist you. Our experts will ensure that your vehicles efficiently decontaminated and safe to use.

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