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Odour Contaminated Vehicle

Earlier this year, Juvenaire dealt with an odour contaminated automotive vehicle. Our first task was to find the source of the odour which then allowed us to use the most appropriate treatment method. It was a surprise when our team discovered a deceased snake hiding in the bonnet of the car. The snake had been deceased in the car for quite some time, which was the source of the odour in the car.

Firstly, our Juvenaire Technicians attempted to remove the snake from the bonnet but due to the decomposition, this was not successful. We had to remove the entire bonnet to remove the source of the odour and make sure that the car was completely decontaminated. We then proceeded to carry out the cleaning. All the affected areas were treated with specialist chemicals in order to remove the odour and disinfect the car.

In this instance, due to the level of contamination, the vehicle had to be treated and re-treated over the course of two weeks until we achieved a neutral odour level. The car was successfully and completely decontaminated following the second treatment.

Juvenaire has the capability to restore cars infected with water, mould, fire and smoke, asbestos and forensic as well as unusual circumstances such as a deceased snake.

As part of Juvenaire’s goal to provide quality restoration services, we continue to offer cleaning and recovery expertise of contaminated vehicles.

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