Severe Weather Water Damage

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Although we’ve had record rainfall in Queensland so far, there is more rainfall predicted in the coming months. Severe weather and heavy rainfall usually results in water damage to homes and properties. Open windows, flood waters, storm drain overflow and roof leaks can all cause water to enter the property. Action must be taken immediately to avoid further damage to building structures and contents and to prevent possible mould contamination.

Severe Weather Water Damage Categories

Water damage has three distinct categories: category 1: clean water, category 2: grey water and category 3: black water damage. Category 1 water damage is usually from a relatively clean water source. This could be a burst pipe, tap and plumbing leaks or rain water entering the property. Clean water damage must be attended to as soon as before it becomes contaminated, due to rapid microbial activity. Delays for over 48 hours may cause odour to form and may result in mould growth.

The second category is grey water damage, this is caused by water from a ‘grey’ source. Generally this can includes washing machine or dishwasher water overflow, sinks, baths and toilet overflow (not containing sewage or fecal matter) and fish tank leaks. Grey water is contaminated with microbes and possible pathogens. These pathogens may become a health hazard if left too long. If left unattended for longer than 48 hours, grey water damage may escalate to a category 3 class.  

The last category, category 3 water damage is one which can be extremely dangerous for human health. Sewage overflow is often the cause of Black water damage. Over-ground water runoff, flowing into properties during heavy rainfall or flooding is also a category 3 source. Pathogens and allergens in faecal matter and waste, can cause serious health complications if not treated immediately. 

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If you’re concerned about rain water or a small area damaged by water, you can hire an air mover from an equipment hire company in order to dry the area. An air mover blows air at a very high velocity to efficiently dry a wet area. If the extent of the damage subsequently reaches a large area and multiple rooms, call a professional restoration company immediately. Juvenaire is available 24 hours on 1300 550 960. 

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If you have had rain damage or water has entered your property, feel free to contact us. or call 1300 550 960 to speak to a Juvenaire Project Manager.