Storm Season – How to Prepare for severe weather

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Juvenaire News, Water Damage, Restoration

The year 2020 has been a very unpredictable one. With temperatures reaching the high 20s in early October, its likely that the storm season may just be as unpredictable. Being prepared early will take out the guesswork and possible loss of valuable items.

Storm season in Queensland usually spans from November to April. This is the period during which Tropical cyclones are frequent and destructive weather runs rampant. In some instances, the storm season may begin earlier. Heavy rainfall, hail and other extreme weather that can cause major damage to homes, animals and crops. 

Start Preparing Now

The time to prepare is now, before the storm season begins. You can do so by:

  • Cleaning gutters and storm drains allows water to flow freely during heavy rain as obstruction will restrict water flow.
  • Make digital copies of important documents and back them up onto cloud based storage.
  • Once a storm alert is in place, secure any loose items/tie down loose roofing and any sheeting
  • Store emergency service contact information in your mobile phone.

If your property is situated in a flood prone area, monitor your local weather updates. When an alert is issued (and depending on the severity of the system), move your valuables and other contents to higher areas within your home or to a different location. If there is a flooding event, take precautions when returning to your property. Engage a professional restoration company as soon as possible. Beware of the heightened risk of infection due to the possible presence of water contaminates. Water contamination can include animal waste, sewage overflow, street debris, sharp objects and street runoff.

Act Quickly

If left too long, water will penetrate building materials compromising the structual integrity. Mould growth will form, which on top of being a health hazard may become more costly to treat. If your contents are water damaged, first contact your insurance company and do not discard any damaged items. Contents such as clothes, furniture, shoes, bedding and curtains may be restorable. Juvenaire’s state-of-the-art contents processing facility has the capability to restore storm affected contents with the use of specialist restoration equipment.

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