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Vehicle Methamphetamine Decontamination

Early 2017, Juvenaire launched its Auto Decontamination Division and has since been receiving a large number of cars contaminated with methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine contaminated cars have been arriving in large numbers. Our team has successfully remediated the vehicles using the latest and best techniques in the restoration industry. We have heard many stories about clandestine laboratories and the manufacture of homemade meth. They are known to contaminate properties and become quite unhealthy to live in. However, the simple act of smoking meth puts the immediate environment at a high risk of contamination. People who smoke meth do so at home and also in their cars. Criminals that steal vehicles are also often found to be meth smokers that leave behind toxic meth residue.

When smoking meth, small particles present in the smoke is dispersed on all nearby surfaces in the vehicle. Residue and fumes then penetrate the ventilation and air conditioning system as well as the seats, dashboard and carpets.

Juvenaire provides high quality meth cleaning for cars with our established and effective decontamination procedure. To decontaminate a meth contaminated vehicle, our specialists follow these steps:

1. Visual Inspection for Sharps

The first step that we follow through with when we receive a suspected methamphetamine contaminated car, is to inspect the vehicle for sharps.

2. Packing Personal Items

If there are any personal goods remaining in the car, our team will pack and store them securely.

3. Meth Testing

The contamination is not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, before we proceed with an extensive cleaning and decontamination process, it is very important that we conduct meth tests. This indicates to us whether the vehicle is contaminated or not. If the results come back positive, we highly recommended that the car is professionally cleaned by trained technicians. Meth car decontamination can be expensive. Initially testing your vehicle could save you a lot of money.

4. Positive Meth Testing

If the vehicle’s tests indicate that it is contaminated by meth, Juvenaire will provide a quotation along with a report to inform the insurance company (if required) of the costs.

5. Cleaning Process

A meth contaminated car requires a thorough cleaning to clean the toxic residue. The seats will need to be removed and treated by specialty chemical agents. The interior of the vehicle is then disinfected and thoroughly sanitised. The vehicle may need to be treated several times depending on the level of contamination.

6. Second Testing

It is very important to proceed with another testing after the cleaning of a  contaminated vehicle. This second testing will indicate to us if the car has been completely decontaminated and safe for human occupancy.

If you are the owner of a suspected meth contaminated car, contact Juvenaire for further information or to obtain a quotation on 1300 550 960 or email us:


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