Auto Decontamination

As part of Juvenaire’s goal to provide quality restoration services across diverse market sectors, the business continues to satisfy a growing need for the restoration of damaged or contaminated vehicles.

– Auto Decon Water Damage

– Auto Decon Mould Removal

– Auto Decon Fire & Smoke

– Auto Decon Odour

– Auto Decon Forensic & Bodily Fluids 

– Auto Decon Methamphetamine

– Auto Decon Asbestos Removal

Building on the success and reputation of its successful Property Restoration Company and supported by effectively trialed products and procedures, Juvenaire has now formalised its auto restoration services with the establishment of Auto-Decon Services, a quality automotive decontamination service, catering to the demands of the auto insurance market. With an experienced administration, claims and project management team aligned with specially trained technicians, the Auto-Decon services division has the capability to provide unparalleled support across key areas of vehicle damage.

Juvenaire Auto-Decon has developed a wide range of restoration procedures which are supported by specialty equipment and bespoke, proven chemical cleaners. Together they ensure the successful decontamination and restoration of all classes of vehicle.

As part of the overall Auto-Decon Treatment, the following is also available:
. Seat replacement
. Carpet replacement
. Upholstery treatment and repairs

Juvenaire Auto-Decon also works closely with:
. Auto electricians (repairs and works on electrical items affected by water)
. Licensed applicators of specialist cleaning agents and products
. Licensed asbestos removalists specialised in containment and negative air technology for safe removal of asbestos fibres

More Juvenaire Auto Decontamination Information: