Mould Removal

Juvenaire is one of the founding companies in Australia that established mould remediation services in 2004.

Where there is moisture, there is mould. At Juvenaire, we provide you with a solution on how to effectively remove mould from your premises. Not every mould project can be rectified with household cleaning agents, this is dependant on the scale of the project. To ensure safe mould removal and the complete eradication of mould spores (that cause severe health issues), we use the most effective mould removal cleaning agents. Our specialist service offering ensures that a trained technician is available to safely remove mould infestations at any scale at your home or place of business.

Steps include:

  • Mould inspection and mould testing including black mould test, to identify the moisture source; this includes discovering and rectifying the moisture problem whether from a leak or previous storm damage.
  • This is followed by mould removal to render the property safe and habitable. Juvenaire work to expose the likely source of the moisture so that re-occurrence of mould returning is less likely to occur in the future.


Juvenaire recognises that mould can cause serious health issues, and every project requires the experience of a trained Project Manager to carry out mould inspection and mould testing. This is to identify the species of mould, develop a remediation strategy and oversee the mould removal process. Additional post mould inspection and testing is carried out to ensure the environment within the property shares the same environment as outside the property.

Check out a detailed account of our Mould Remediation Project on a multi-million dollar property on the Gold Coast.

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